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Our offices and operations are located in Hilton, NY
ADG Security has been locally owned and operated in Hilton, NY since 1993. We provide safe, reliable burglary alarm systems for residential and commercial customers. We will work with you to create a custom designed home security system or a more advanced security system for your business.

  • We offer personalized service and reasonable rates. We can even monitor your existing alarm system for as low as $18 a month.
  • We service and repair older security systems.

Contact ADG Security today at 585-392-4888, or browse the website for more information about our fire alarm systems or our CCTV systems.
Central Alarm Receiving
You're in the hands of world class professionals

Security begins with knowing you have the best!

The instant your alarm goes off, our operators are alerted and swing into action. The monitoring center computer systems immediately tell them whether it's a burglary, a fire, a medical or other emergency. They pinpoint the location, identify your personal customer passcode, and launch emergency instructions.

Our immediate response to your need depends squarely on our advanced technology and the professional skill and dedication of our people. That's why no one becomes an RRM operator without extensive background investigation, personality profile evaluation, and drug testing.

Training begins with six weeks of demanding class room sessions, utilizing mock simulations, phone calls, two-way voice demos, industry readings, and other advanced training techniques. Then comes extensive on-the-job training under careful observation by training personnel. Written tests and performance evaluations are daily occurrences.

But that's only the beginning. On-going developmental training on a monthly basis continues as long as that person remains an RRM operator. Supervisor conferences and informational meetings are also continuous.

At Rapid Response Monitoring, world class excellence in the only standard we recognize. That's why your security is always in the best possible hands.
If standing orders call for it, the operator will place an immediate phone call to you for the password that verifies an emergency condition exists. If our operators receive an incorrect passcode, or no answer at all, they dispatch emergency personnel immediately. Then they'll phone someone on your emergency call list to notify them of the action taken.

Meanwhile our computers have recorded every significant detail of the emergency event, including date and time, action taken, person notified and the operator responsible. All phone conversations are recorded and time stamped for your safety and security.